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Name:Led By:
Altar Ministry Pam Herendon
Athletic Directors John & Cheri Conley
Benevolence Ministry Mike & Sharon Garland
Diamonds For Daily Living Randy Bailey
GLOW Ladies Ministry Pastor Rhonda Reneau
GO Kids Ministry Laura Bailey
Greeters Steve Colyer
Intercessory Prayer Allen Lee
Invictus Student Ministry (Youth) Kent & Jennifer Satterfield
Journey Young Adult Ministry Sarah Lawson
Meadow Middlers Lisa & Jeff Davis
Men's Ministry Stanley Simmonds
Missions Ronald Reagan
Multimedia Devin Mills
Nursing Home Ministry Mike & Sharon Garland
Prison Ministry John Conley
Security Team Chris Hudson
Seniors Ministry Gary and Debi Dillion
Ushers Charles Young
Van Food Ministry Kim Miller
Van Ministry Kim Miller
Worship and Sound Jeff & Christian Primm